Read how the product was developed and where is going

Naming the product

The product finally has a name. Its Applied Spectrum and Interference Registry, or briefly ASIR! It took us a while to get here, finding a catchy name or abbreviation proved a tougher job than anticipated. All those creative meetings…

Web development

Test environment created! We can now simulate the multiuser environment and get the grasp of needed processing power and memory for the platform. First impressions are that we need a lot.

Web development started as well. Rough outline of the web content is decided. Our web developers can now start shaping what was an idea into a final product. Much challenges ahead though, mainly related to the measurement result visualization and optimizing the overall user experience.



ANGA Com. Here we are in Cologne trying to get a glimpse of the market. It was more a learning process experience than real participation on a fair. Spreading the 5G buzzword returns much curiosity