Read how the product was developed and where is going

Data collected

A huge amount of raw measurement data needed to be placed in a structured MySQL database. Therefore, we developed an interface, which will allow for automatic filtering, consolidating and enriching the data during the import. Filtering approach was to get any information of measured signals without any capabilities of creating interferences out of the database, as well getting in only the strongest signals for each frequency in correlation with the angle of arrival (angle on which measurements were taken). Consolidation was made in terms of automatically converting dBµV/m into more convenient dBm during the import phase, as consolidating the minor location variations caused by the GPS reception fluctuation. Interface we created enriches measurement data with information of Location name, region, and antenna polarization. Enrichment info is provided manually and the automatically fed into the data structure.

Measurements Finished!

Fixed Measurements made mountain peak Vodno overlooking Skopje, mark the end of the measurement phase. Yes, it took a bit longer to collect all the information. We are month and a half overdue from the initial plan, but overwhelmingly satisfied with the job. Equipment performed as it should and endured the whole campaign. No incidents whatsoever. Fixed measurements performed on 59 Locations not including the testing phase, 84 drive test carried out, more than 1000 hrs of work completed. The project moves into office now.


Testing is over.

Test Phase finished. Measurement protocol finally rounded up reaching version 6.0. Most of the effort went in determining the frequency resolution against the test time. In final version for the fixed measurements, the frequency step determined to a 100 KHz raster.

Drive test should be performed following the pattern used with fixed measurements, although the raster is defined at 1MHz raster, which is to accommodate the correlation between the speed of the instrument and the vehicle moving at top speed of 60 Km/h. Real measurements are next on the schedule.