Read how the product was developed and where is going

The equipment is here!

What we have is PR-100 Monitoring Receiver and HE400UWB monitoring accommodating our fixed measurements from 30-MHz up to 6GHz, COJOT WBM5600M antenna spanning from 50MHz to 6GHz will cover the drive test job. All necessary preparations of Land Rover Discovery as a drive test platform are finished. The idea elaborated in the Measurement Protocol is to have fixed measurements on select Macro Cell locations, performed in all directions offset by 45 degrees, both in H and V polarization. Each of the 16 measurement should be taken in two Frequency scan mode sweeps with 15KHz raster in the 470-7890MHz band, for all locations, while in urban areas of Skopje, Bitola and Strumica these measurements will be expanded into 5GHz band.

Operational outlines

Here are the operational outlines of the project. Having a reference class-monitoring receiver is of utmost importance. The project heavily relies on the quality of the measured data. Trash in – Trash out must be avoided by any means. We’ll have fixed spectrum measurements to drive the data substance and provide most of the intelligence, and have drive tests to cover larger geographical region. The measurement protocol must reflect the project goals and provide accurate and consistent data. Finding the right tools for the job was the easiest part. Rohde & Schwarz PR-100 is a receiver that satisfies accuracy and speed requirements, finding appropriate monitoring antennas wide and linear enough is something that requires more attention.


And It's ON!

After successfully applying for Fund for Innovation and Technology Development grant, we are starting a new chapter in our company development of producing a software brand of our own. We would need to rise up to the expectations as being branded as a project that has most potential for global impact by the project evaluation team. Rounding up around the idea of providing an insight into the TV Whitespaces and 5GHz spectrum by exposing structured data coming from a monitoring receiver to the Internet a, within our company, we selected a team of seasoned professionals to get the job done. It is going to be a challenge, though! As a company, we thrive in the test & measurement domain. We believe of being among most experienced companies in the region in the signal intelligence area, however software development has been mostly an uncharted territory for us. As, having a completely in-house developed product it is obvious that we need to devote much efforts in the soft portion of the project. On with the Kick off meeting!