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Find out if your Frequency is available

Applied Spectrum and Interference Registry

Collect data

Gather measured spectrum occupancy data correlated with the existing licensed transmitters.


Enriched information on measured signals within the desired bandwidth available for analysis. Search algorithm based on distance from nearest measurements. Information on known transmitters only within spectrum of your interest.


Select best suitable operating frequency for your network based on real signal intelligence.

Services portfolio


Applied Spectrum and Interferences Registry

Comprehensive insight into allocated spectrum occupancy and geographic distribution of usable and interference free frequencies in TWS and 5GHz bands.


Customized measurements

Whether is surveying a specific location for deploying your wireless system, confirming the radio coverage or finding an interference source, we have experience and tools do perform the task.


Network design

Incorporate our experience and assets in order to insure the performance of your wireless network. Let us assist or design your wireless network insuring that the calculated meets real performance.

Single access
€ 15
Suitable for Ad-hoc deployments especially in TWS. Find the best usable frequency for your wireless microphones or your 5G bubbles.
Monthly access
€ 50
Suitable for designing or engineering efforts, scholar projects or for network planning purposes, aiming to utilize TWS of 5GHz frequency spectrum.
Yearly access
€ 500
Suitable for network operators or government institutions, Improving everyday frequency management routines, mitigating interferences or planning further expansion of their networks into TWS or 5G.
Database download
€ 5000
Whether you develop your own software product, or would like to increase the calculation performance of your existing planning software, download the whole database along with yearly commitment of ASIR team to renew the measurements.

Why Choose us?

A specific blend of prerequisites and our core values which went into creation of this product, guarantees the quality and consistency of data contained in the registry, presented to you in cognitive and actionable format greatly improving your facilitation of frequency resources within the TWS and 5GHz spectrum.

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